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Self Concept Model of Substance Abuse Treatment Short-Term Therapy

Often times these kinds of narcissists can be master manipulators. When a person is highly emotionally charged of has be traumatized it can cognitive dissonance theory be very difficult to logically see their behavior, and they know it. I think many people get victimized by them at one time or another.

What is an example of cognitive dissonance in the workplace?

For example, a HR manager who is asked to dismiss an employee for misconduct without appropriate evidence or with the evidence pointing against the actions being taken will experience significant cognitive dissonance.

Consider how many people smoke outside of meetings or on breaks at work. When loved ones bring up the issue, no matter how loving or compassionate their approach, these people might become defensive and cling to the behavior as if it’s a security blanket. Additionally, refusing to admit the substance’s hold on the user often keeps the addiction — and the person in its grip — at the center of attention.

Cognitive Processes

You need to feel that your perspective is valuable and that you can base your decisions without being judged. Cognitive dissonance forces you to try to rationalize the behaviors or decisions that you make to those around you. The areas that may cause cognitive dissonance to occur include forced compliance behavior, decision making, and effort. Festinger’s theory stated that if we do not feel the mental balance then we become uncomfortable enough to begin to justify our decisions for our actions.

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It’s hard to do treatment right; it requires huge self-discipline and planning. Photo by Chelsey Flood“I noticed you were very conflicted about drinking,” a dear friend acquiesced, a month into my sobriety when I confessed, shame-faced, that I was receiving help to quit drinking. Those involved in substance abuse must contend with constant dissonance because there is so much compelling evidence that their substance abuse is dangerous. Many people need to hit personal rock bottom to see through the denial and decide that they’ve had enough.

Why our brain may attempt to justify the unjustifiable

Apparently such archaic laws are still on the books in some places. When I met with a doctor, he told me my husband was obviously a dangerous man, and not to go home again, but to RUN!

Elevate is currently offering immediate enrollment in inpatient, outpatient, or telehealth programs. Group therapy, for example, enhances recovery by tapping into one’s natural social instincts. Group therapy and other methods must be prefaced with the “beginner’s mind,” however. They are willing to increase their own delusional thinking to protect their current addiction. This explains why someone will hold on to beliefs and ideas that are wholly illogical and obviously irrational to others. One cannot reason with someone on drugs or use logic and data to persuade them out of their distorted reality. Change the behavior to match more closely to one’s beliefs.


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